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At JB Kelly Waterway Insurance, we know that claim situations can be stressful, and thus want to make the claim process as simple as possible. Make sure your claim is processed quickly and easily by following these steps after an accident or emergency situation:

  • Step 1: Verify that everyone is safe. Check for injuries, and dial 911 when in doubt.

  • Step 2: Do not discuss the incident with other parties. Limit your discussion of the incident to the police and your insurance agent. Do not admit fault.

  • Step 3: Write down contact information for all parties involved. Include names, phone numbers and insurance information. In addition to contact information, write down details about the incident. 

  • Step 4: If your phone has a built-in camera, take pictures to preserve the scene for later review.

Above all, don’t admit fault in a collision or liability situation. It will be up to the adjusters to determine who was to blame.

To request a claim, give us a call at 613-345-3032.

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